Third and Grantham

@BassinDawg: #Dawgs So I felt compelled to make a #ThirdAndGrantham version of the Louisville fans’ Grantham sign.. #GoDawgs #GATA Shared via TweetCaster... Read more »
December 31, 2014

Georgia-Louisville info to chew on

@TylerDawgden @CardChronicle Hey guys, here’s our #BelkBowl program comparison: #UGAvsLOU— Winsipedia (@Winsipedia) December 26,... Read more »
December 26, 2014

Mario Cristobal

Boy, I’d love to see him in Athens in some capacity. He’s never been a coordinator, but led Florida International to their first two bowl berths as a head coach. He’s been at Alabama as the OL coach, played OL at Miami, has coached TEs and OL, and has is... Read more »
December 26, 2014

Bill Connelly nails it

Speaking of the Western Kentucky-Central Michigan Bahamas Bowl scoring bacchanalia: I don’t want to ever hear someone saying there are too many bowls again. Every bowl is bonus football and a chance to see something you’ve never seen before. If we wanted to create 64 bowls and let the two... Read more »
December 25, 2014

On not offering Bobo more $

Y’all, if we didn’t offer Bobo more money, it is because Bobo told Richt to not bother. Yes, I agree that we should have been paying him more, but I believe he still takes this opportunity if we had been. Think about the logic. Financially, we are in a better... Read more »
December 23, 2014

Bobo to Colorado State

So it looks like that’s happening. Before we panic, or have much jubilation depending on the camp you’re in, remember what happened and who we hired at Grantham left. Not saying we make such a homerun hire this time, but I can see us going out and making a great... Read more »
December 22, 2014

Excellent hire for S&C

@FootballScoop: Sources tell us that Alabama asst strength coach Mark Hocke will be new head strength coach at Georgia Devil will be in the details, especially his pay. You’ll be able to read some tea leaves about other UGA salaries based on Hocke’s pay. Haven’t checked the message boards,... Read more »
December 22, 2014